The highly advanced technology of Rocket Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries make them highly useful in a broad range of applications. These batteries use absorptive glass mat separators, are maintenance free and completely leakage-proof. The use of high-purity calcium alloy maximizes the service life of these batteries. With ES batteries you can be assured of excellent performance under most demanding conditions.

Rocket® Battery Models:

Battery Type: Model No:
ES 200-12 ES 7-12
12V, 12AH ES 12-12
12V, 18AH ES 18-12
12V, 26AH ES 26-12
12V, 40AH ES 40-12
12V, 65AH ES 65-12
12V, 100AH ES 100-12
12V, 150AH ES 150-12
12V, 200AH ES 200-12

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