Battery chargers play an important role in ensuring optimum life and performance of Industrial Storage Batteries. Chloride chargers have been performing this duty relentlessly at different power plants, sub-stations, steel plants, refineries & petro chemicals,cement plants, oil & gas pipelines, telephone exchanges and many other industries for over last three decades.The main function of Industrial Battery charger is to supply the continuous D.C load and charge the battery bank as per user’s requirement. In case of failure of main A.C supply,the battery bank supplies the constant and emergency D.C load. The AC to DC power conversion element of the system is typically configured from thyristor or switch mode technology depending on the application, criticality and space availability. The thyristor based systems are highly rugged and are suitable for the most demanding environmental and operating conditions.


  • Microprocessor Controlled / Analog Controlled.
  • Soft Start feature.
  • Battery path limiting current
  • Automatic Float Boost Changeover
  • Protection against AC phase reversal , single phasing, A.C Under Voltage, Over Voltage, A.C Unbalance
  • Dropper diode regulator in load path for specific application
  • Psophometric noise 4 mV for specific application / requirement of Customer
  • Seismic Test Certification
  • Soak Test / Environmental Test Certification
  • Surge with Stand capability as per ANSI-C37.90.1-2002
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