9KVA – 150KVA


3 Phase Input / Output

1.Fully solid state control circuitry, using high stability industrial grade Silicon Semi-conductors.
2.No effects of load power factor.
3.Inter changeable plug in control card and module.
4.Unaffected by change in supply frequency between 47 to 53 Hz.
5.Ideally suited for high starting current of inductive motors.
6.No Phase shift.
7. Easy manual operation in the unlikely event of auto circuit failure

Optional Features :

1.Output cut off in case the output voltage goes beyond set limits. In both the above cases, time delay 2.can be provided to avoid problems caused by erratic tripping.
3.M. C. B. /M. C. C. B. protection on the input/output.
4.Digital Voltmeters, Ammeters and Frequency meters.
5.Alarm to indicate input high/low and output high/low.
6.Surge & Spike Suppressor.

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