TPS Series On-line UPS


TPS Series UPS is an advanced true on-line Uninterrupted Power Supply system which is intelligent microprocessor controlled. This series is a unique in the industry as it incorporates many essential features with design compatible to Indian erratic power situations like Generator compatibility, acute power fluctuations and longer power cuts.

Intelligent Microprocessor Controlled True On-line
Providing no-break protection for critical applications
Double Conversion and Pure Sine Wave Waveform Output
The cleanest , most compatible AC out for sensitive equipments like computers
50Khz High Frequency Operation
Compact size and bulky transformer less design
Near Unity Power Factor
Saving input current by 35%
High Efficiency > 85%
Highly Energy Efficient reducing power costs
Smart Battery management
Reduces battery replacements
Long backup option
Internal and external battery banks
RS232 interface
SNMP/Web enabled software available as an option

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